Timeless & Japanese Gardens Blackwater

The Blackwater International Coal Centre features two beautiful gardens open to the public for everyone to enjoy.

The Timeless Garden features unique species of plants from all over the world, some of which you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. A sacred bottle tree was relocated in 2008 and now resides at the centre of the landscaped lawns. Due to severe cyclonic winds on the 30th of December 2023, the bottle tree was unfortunately toppled over and was unable to be righted up again. There is still the memorial plaque dedicated to the tree that can be found on the deck area.

Accessible through the Coal Centre, the serene Timeless Garden is open to the public for viewing at no charge. The garden was made possible by the generosity of Mitsubishi Development Pty.

The Japanese Garden is a cooperative effort between the two sister cities Blackwater and Fujisawa establishing harmony and friendship now and for the future.

The traditional garden features various styles used in Japanese gardening. The use of white gravel stones denotes water flowing from a waterfall. The placement of rocks within the gravel patterns symbolize the planets in space.

The lanterns represent various facets of life and the Goju no tou lantern represents elements of water, fire, earth, wind and air. Some, like the Yamadoro lantern, are made from volcanic rock, and are unrefined, like the more decorative varieties. An Azumaya, (sitting house) is for tea ceremonies or for just relaxing and being at one with the beauty of nature. The pond is an integral part of any Japanese garden as are all the elements of nature.

A wedding pergola is sited at the rear of the gardens. However, whether you visit casually, or for a more formal ceremony, we trust you enjoy the experience and you come to these gardens with our warmest welcome.

Entry is free for the public, via Blackwater International Coal Centre.

The Japanese Garden is available for weddings or events, free of charge. Please contact the Central Highlands Regional Council for more information.